Access Point Base Station with Routerboard Mikrotik

MikroTik Base System Access Point

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With the newest Routeros v4, this Base System from MikroTik will be performing at incredible speed. Using R52N cards in 802.11n, it is a great solution for demanding client usage. The outdoor enclosure is IP66 rated.

The bare-bone system consists of: Routerboard 411AH, PoE injector and power adapter (18V, 1A), 1 x MMCX to N-female bulkhead pigtail (additional pigtails supplied depending on amount of wireless cards purchased), RJ45 feed-through cable (no tools needed to power the device via PoE). System can be configured according to customer request.

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4 A$174.23 Up to A$40.56
9 A$165.01 Up to A$174.23
16 A$159.48 Up to A$398.24
20 A$156.72 Up to A$553.11

Note: This product does not automatically include a wireless card and must be purchased additionally.

Key Features:

  • PCB board: RB411AH/RB433/RB433AH/RB800 (Choosing the right Routerboard will determine how many wireless cards can be inserted inside the Access Point and also how much CPU power/Memory it has)

  • Deliberant outdoor enclosure with N female connector mounted

  • Full POE with RJ-45 Feed-through

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