M7710 Sierra AirPrime HSPA+ & LTE Cat 3 mPCIe Module

    M7710 Sierra AirPrime HSPA+ & LTE Cat 3 mPCIe Module

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    The AirPrime MC7710 from Sierra Wireless is a 3G HSPA+ and LTE mini PCI Express wireless module ideal for mobile computing and networking applications. This device features GPS capabilities, support for both Windows and Linux as well as an intelligent embedded module that can be easily integrated into a variety of devices requiring high speed HSPA+ or LTE connectivity, delivering up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds. The MC7710 offers LTE connectivity on 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz networks as well as HSPA+ (900/2100 Mhz) and GSM/GPRS.

    MC7710 Features: 

    • Peak downlink speeds up to 100 Mbps and peak uplink speeds up to 50Mbps

    • Multi-mode capability ensures continuous connectivity and supports roaming

    • Standard form factor simplifies engineering

    • Supports Multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) for use with LTE

    • Comprehensive SDK and enabling software for Linux and Windows

    • Solid documentation and development tool

    • Antenna diversity for improved fringe performance

    Device Type
    4G LTE Card, 3G Card
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