MikroTik Flex-guide 50cm RP-SMA Cable

    MikroTik Flex-guide 50cm RP-SMA Cable

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    This 50cm RP-SMA Flex-guide cable from MikroTik is a super low loss RP-SMA cable for superior connection quality suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The inner conductor of the Flex-guide is silver-plated copper, and both connectors are soldered, not crimped, for the best possible signal quality. This cable is ideally suited for the MikroTik BaseBox series, but works with other products with RP-SMA connectors, as well as most antennas.

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    Technical Specifications:

    • Product code: ACRPSMA
    • Operating Temperature: -55C to 125C
    • Signal Loss: aelow .65dB
    • Matching: above -20dB
    • Frequency: up to 6GHz
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